Un Jardin Sur Les Toits is a consulting LAB and a creative studio offering original content and innovative concepts on micro-algae and environmental topics, combining scientific research and improving well-being.
Our vocation is threefold:
- Research in the micro-algae sector, (for this we are multiplying collaborations with various international universities).
- Propose solutions to support companies towards net zero emissions while helping them find the best carbon offset solutions.
- Propose urban solutions (such as the establishment of micro-algae farms on high-density city roofs) in order to reduce pollution and more particularly air pollution.
We challenged ourselves to improve air quality through a series of innovative proposals related to botany and more particularly micro-algae by relying on all technical innovations.
The establishment of algae in urban areas was born from our desire to restore the major role of Nature on the environment and well-being.
Our priority is to study the mechanism of botany in a polluted environment and to provide concrete solutions to improve health by improving air quality.
The benefits of using micro-algae are now established and certainly confirmed: massive absorption of CO2 and fine particles, combined with the reconstitution of the ecological network.
Driven by the desire to create a real synergy between the various players in the field, exchanges between researchers are scheduled and educational tools developed.
This dream, which is becoming a reality day after day, was born from the passion of the agency “Un Jardin Sur Les Toits” for plants and more generally for micro-algae.
“Un Jardin Sur Les Toits“ agency combines nature, high tech, blue tech and clean tech.
Also specialized in the blockchain technology that we use on a daily basis, we help companies calculate the carbon impact of its use, of its ecosystems or products: fungible or non-fungible token, NFT and NFC and offer the most appropriate carbon offsets through micro-algae.

Scientific Aromatherapy
in order to bring an olistic dimension to all our projects and having the chance to collaborate with a specialist in scientific aromatherapy, we always combine it with olfactory aromatherapy in order to create a global immersive experience.