Un jardin sur les toits is a  consulting agency  and creative studio providing original content and innovative concepts in botanical and environmental subjects, combining scientific research and  wellness improvement.
Our vocation is threefold - design combined with sustainable development and ecological initiatives.
We  practice the language of plants to give a tangible form to our desire to rethink the use of urban rooftops and hence make green buildings.
We have set ourselves the challenge to reinvent roofs without disturbing or changing the structure, by transforming them into physic gardens.
Placing medicinal plant gardens in the urban environment has emerged from our desire to restore the role of what was a priority for monks for centuries in the heart of great cities.
The knowledge of plants was amongst the most valued at the time.
The advantages of creating hanging gardens have now been established: absorption of CO2, insulation and reconstitution of the ecological network has been already and surely  confirmed.
Given our aim to pursue the experience further, we consider it is  essential to create a research station to analyse the development of plants in the urban environment on-site.
Driven by the desire to create a genuine synergy between the different participants in the sector, exchanges between researchers are programmed  and educational tools developed.
This dream, which takes shape day after day, is born from the "un jardin sur les toits" group's passion for plants and more generally for botany.