A  Certified phytotherapist and  aromatherapist, Stefano Morana Del Medico, a founding member of a "UN JARDIN SUR LES TOITS", regularly associate the benefits of aromatic plants to most  of the agency and collective projects.
He  is deeply convinced that the active properties and the helming power that lies in the molecules of medicinal plants contribute to improve the well being of the users.
Aromatherapy implies the  use of aromatic compounds extracted from plants in the form of essentials oils for medical and healing purposes as a complementary therapy  or an  alternative medicine. this differentiates it from phytotherapy which make use  of all the elements of a plant : seeds, flowers, fruits ,roots .
Originally practiced according to a  traditional approach, as a branch of phytotherapy it  came s together along  the naturopathy disciplines and was classified as  non-conventional medicine. Increasingly studied by scientists, especially in the contest of pharmacognosy, which provides evidence for the properties os essentials oils,it can now be practiced according to the principles of evidence-based medicine by health professionals.
The term aromatherapy was used for the first time for the first time by the chemist  René Maurice Gattefossé in 1935.
It comes from the ancient  greek: aroma ( aroma)  and therapeia ( therapy).