The RT 2012 expresses:

• a performance requirement measured through three coefficients: Cep, Bbio and TIC

• Means requirements with the objective of reducing energy consumption.

Description :

" It mainly includes the calculation of the coefficients BBio, Cep (conventional primary energy consumption -kWh / m≤ SHONRT / year) and Tic (conventional indoor temperature - ∞ C),

" Verification of minimum performance in terms of insulation, glazing, heating, ventilation, DHW, etc.

" Identification of the energy share covered by the use of renewable energy.


" RT 2012, any label.

" RT 2005 Renovation and any label.

" Study of energy supply.

" Feasibility studies according to ADEME specifications and institutional bodies.

" Validation of the studies RT2012 and 2005 in EXE

Accompanying these conventional calculations we determine the elements that would make the project not conform, relevant or could be the object of optimization in construction cost or overall cost: thermal bridges, insulation weakness, Air infiltration, economic optimization, ENR use relevance ...