Jesus Pascual Diaz

Jesus Pascual Diaz

Specialized in sustainable development, my role is to analyse  current and future projects  and  conduct  complete  audits on programmes or companies  projects in order to provide  creative and innovative solutions in specialized fields.

Togheter with my team colleagues at Unjardinsurlestoits , in 2016  I won an international competition in the context of reinventing the metropolis of the greater Paris (in the botanical  and in the wellbeing innovation fields )

Driven by the desire to create a genuine synergy between researchers, technical innovations,  industry, environment and botany, I have set myself the challenge to reconcile all these different sectors.

In a close relationship with engineers, researchers, biologists , designers and  their receptive development departments, my priority is to ensure the proposal of the best protocols and solutions for each project.

Driven by a strong holistic approach combining botanic & technology and being particularly specialized in the management of  pollution issues , I work and operate in a number of different and specialized sectors like : urban management, wellness and public health, transport, hospitality and Spa industry, pharmaceutical & cosmetology  innovations. 

In recents years I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work and collaborate to a large number of ambitious projects with firms like:

Orange, Allianz, Ogic ,the Compagnie de Phalsboug, Brenac and Gonzales, FMA, the Bayan Tree hotel group, Air Paris, Artelia ,Equip-hotel, among others. 

It seems important to me to manage with the same  awareness the micro and the macro-environnement  aspect of a project in order to access to its resilience point (level)  to optimize risk management.

I trust  that knowledge, technologies and ideas are  constantly evolving and science should be shared, I ‘m constantly up-dating my knowledges  with the precious  support of  the Cambridge University.