Stefano Morana del Medico

A graduate of Jacopo Stellini institute (Italy), Stefano Morana continued with studies in design and a Master in Marketing Luxury at the IFM (Paris). He gained experience working with major groups such as Richemont, LVMH, Renault and Sodexo Prestige.

Motivated by a desire for professional conversion, he choose to study again, with the aim to work with his one and only true passion: Nature. 

Now a graduate of scientific aromatherapy and medicinal plants studies and their environmental impact at the IFSH and the ISIPCA Versailles, he achieved a DIU course in 2017 in phytotherapy at the Descartes University.

He decided to join the collective "un jardin sur les toits" team to introduce and develop biodiversity in the urban environment.

A specialist in plants and their molecular composition, he prefers to work on roofs and in enclosed areas. Each plant has its own composition and so a specific role to play.

Depending on the environment in question, Stefano can determine the most suitable for the required result: CO2 absorption, synthesisation of molecules, purification of stagnant particles, interaction between species (biotic), the choice of different essences of flowers and plants suitable for air purification, not forgetting the simple beauty of plants and nature.